Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sports and their video game counterparts.

With lockouts threatening both the NFL and NBA seasons, I've taken it upon myself to play more sports games on my classic consoles. Most collectors will know that there is absolutely no shortage of sports titles for the classic systems. In fact, some collectors even hate the bountiful plethora of sports titles because they often get in the way of finding the good games, out numbering them by quite a large margin. I could personally take them or leave them. If I find a sports title I don't already own for a good price (a couple bucks max), I'll buy it.

Recently I've found myself playing a lot of NBA Jam and NHL games for my Sega Genesis. This is probably due mostly to the fact that I know I can use my Genesis 3, and it now has sound! Since my living space is kind of cramped, I need to put everything away in boxes and I find myself putting my Genesis 3 in a box right on top, along with everything I need to pull it out and plug it in straight away.

Lets talk about sports. You see all the superstar athletes doing their job and living their high paid lives in the limelight, then when it becomes about money they throw a tantrum. I don't fully understand why there is a lockout and to be quite honest I don't care! As a kid you played sports because they were fun, not because you drove your pimped out Hummer H3 to 3rd grade everyday and ate your lunch off silver platters. Why is it so different when you're a grown up?

I understand we all need to make a living, and sports stars are considered celebrities to some, but lets be honest about the payment ratio here. As my brother said to me, who is more important a trash man or an NFL MVP? Does your trash man get much camera time? No. Does your trash man live a glamorous life? Probably not. If the NFL MVP went on strike would you be stuck with mounds of rotting and decaying trash in your front lawn? No! Do we see an issue here?

Sports are suppose to be fun activities and somewhere along the line they were transformed into careers. Not to say I don't like watching a good sporting event, but I would rather know the player is having a good time instead of worrying about what diamond studded, golden chain necklace he is going to buy after the game. With everything being said, I've decided that regardless of whether there is an NFL or NBA season, I'm not going to get caught up in it. Instead, I plan on playing out my own season with my classic video game systems, they don't run crying to lawyers when money becomes an issue.

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