Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Not again!

It seems to be a recurring theme with this one Salvation Army of how they over price stuff so drastically that it just frustrates me to no end! I can understand a few things here and there, nobody knows everything about everything, but it is almost always a consistent issue with them.

To be fair, I have scored some things from that Salvation Army at pretty low prices, but not nearly the same as I have other Salvation Army stores. Which brings me to another point; I've never paid over $1 for NES games at ANY Salvation Army store, ever! They usually range between 50 to 99 cents, but this one wanted $4.

$4?, you may be asking yourself, yes $4! Whats wrong with that for NES games!? Just as I said, I've never paid more than $1 for NES games at any other Salvation Army, including a CIB Fester's Quest (yeah yeah!).

I wouldn't be so pissed off if they were more open to accepting the fact that they over priced the games, but I know they'll just look at me like I'm trying to make trouble. Again, Salvation Army is a thrift store, it isn't retail and all profits are 100%. So why can't they accept the fact that these games are $1 at most and let me buy a handful of them?

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