Sunday, November 27, 2011

The mystery continues...

As a collector there are quite a few things I actively keep my eyes open for, yet most of them always seem to elude me. There is the NES top loader and there is also the Sega Master System, among many other things. Now I've seen a couple Sega Master Systems, albeit behind glass, and they generally seem to run the same price as other systems that are considered rare. Perhaps the SMS is rare, but I just assumed that since it wasn't as popular as the NES it wouldn't be as highly sought after as it is, I was wrong.

Like any other collector, I'm always keeping my eyes open for systems, games, controllers, etc. that I don't already own or want really badly, but the problem is that I feel that I can't keep my eyes open long enough to get the things I want. I've had to accept the fact that I've undoubtedly missed out on some super deals when I couldn't be at any given thrift store. But most of the time I try to live by the philosophy of out of sight out of mind, or it simply wasn't there.

Yes I've bought a lot of really great stuff at really great prices, but there are still things that I haven't even held in my hands, both items mentioned above are tops on that list. I've passed up good deals and kicked myself later, but at least I've seen it. But it really drags on me that I have never in my life held an NES top loader or Sega Master System and had to debate whether or not I wanted to buy them or not. Obviously if I found them, it probably wouldn't be much of a debate.

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