Thursday, September 27, 2012

If I plan to plan, I plan to plan on failure.

I'm wanting to change things up for my blog here. I know that I don't get many views, like I, myself, and a poor lost traveler may wander on to this thing on occasion, by accident. But even so, I feel I want to change things up and become more active here.

I'm booked with trying to come up with articles for the vintage gaming website, and I want to devote anything vintage to that site, so that isn't happening here. I do pick up videos on youtube, and much like this blog I only get accidental views. So I feel as though I should take the highlights of my pick ups and show them here.

I see plenty of blogs that show off their pick ups and I know it isn't original, but it is my blog and I'll change it up however I wish. I also know that a long time ago I posted more modern find here, so it really isn't something new, more of a rebirth of that concept. So that is more than likely what I'll be doing!

If you like the blog, feel free to leave a comment! If you've reached this blog in error, please hit the back button until you're in more familiar territory and enjoy your day. If you view this blog regularly, I'm sorry.

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