Sunday, March 27, 2016

Post-Birthday Outlet Store Goodies!

Getting older isn't fun. You start to forget things, your eyes, muscles and other parts of your body don't work as well as they used to, and you start to forget things. Did I mention the fact that you start to forget things?

Regardless of my age, I decided that I would spend the day after my birthday having an amazing time at the new local Goodwill Outlet store, and indeed I did! Not only did I see my good friend Isaac again (the manager of the outlet I used to frequent) I also picked up a lot of good stuff, or at least stuff that I think is good.

First up I picked up yet another empty DS and Wii case, to swap out in the future if need be. But along my journey I happened across a cable that had only recently came onto my radar. My current computer monitor is old and I've been wanting to see if there was any way to get just a little bit more out of her, so I checked into DVI to HDMI. The cables on Amazon were fairly cheap, but even so I couldn't justify the cost of something I currently couldn't use, and it may not even do me any good once I can. As I walked past a bin, there it was, a black cable with shining golden ends, one of them attached to an Apple mini-DVI to DVI converter. Being I was at the palace of impulse, I decided I had to pick it up.

Next I happened to find a dual Nintendo DS Lite and DSi charging Dock. Sure it's not practical and it's blue LEDs could light up half of a city block at night, but with Goodwill Outlet prices, and me being a sucker for weird video game things, it was yet another "had to have". After more walking around I found a small block that looked like a block of coal ore from Minecraft, but I left it where it was. It wasn't until I actually found the Enderman that I decided if I was going to get one, I had to get both.

Next up are just some loose discs. Three loose Playstation discs, Bully for PS2 and two Poison CDs. Even though I already own Bully complete, need I remind you, it was the Goodwill Outlet store where these things are $.99 per pound! And who doesn't like a little glam metal from time to time?

Finally we reach the surprise part of the haul. Almost a year ago I had picked up a uDraw tablet for the Nintendo Wii at a Goodwill 50% off sale, and I felt kind of cheated ever since. I could never find the game to test and see if the tablet even worked, but yesterday I found a total of four complete, and in varying condition, copies of uDraw Studio. I took the one that was in the best shape, which the disc doesn't even look like it's been used at all, and made that my personal copy. I also found Sega Superstars Tennis/ Xbox live Arcade combo pack-in for Xbox 360, again complete and in immaculate shape, as well as Kinect Adventures in the same condition. Oh, and I also bought a complete copy of Spore for some reason.

It was a good time at the outlet store, needless to say. I also bought a few miscellaneous items like a gold RF to coaxial adapter for my Atari 2600, a AA battery box that has some strobe circuit with LEDs and a small candle for my girlfriend, but the above shows the meat and potatoes of the day. It was fun, great to see Isaac again and to get out and treasure hunt. Not only was it great to treasure hunt, but it was even better to actually bring home a bounty of goods and renew that sense of wonder and daydream of what I'll find next time I go. I just hope I'm not forgetting to mention something.

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