Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wii Wheel Review

I have a habit of doing reviews about obsolete things on this blog, and this time won't be any different. After collecting a handful of Wii racing wheels I figured I may as well explain and complain, where applicable. So, here we go.

First up is the wheel that came with a ton of other items in the Wii Fit Plus box I bought a few months ago. Made from a thick, and weirdly textured, plastic, this one is sturdy but still feels cheap. It holds the Wii remote quite well and allows easy access to the B button as well as accommodates the wrist band. Compared to the others I feel this would be best for larger hands. It's not the most uncomfortable, but not comfortable.

Next is a rather small, but sturdy, wheel made from a smooth black plastic with a golf ball style texture on the handles. Open design makes it smaller than necessary, but comfortable to hold. Holds the Wii controller well and offers the same round wrist strap hole as the official wheel with easy access to the B button. I would suggest this one for kid hands or small to medium adult hands.

Now we reach the third party wheel seemingly made from the same mold as the official. The plastic's texture is smooth, but if you own an official Nintendo wheel you will easily be able to feel the cheaper plastic. Other than the plastic quality everything is the exact same, with exception of the extremely cheap B button on the back, but still does it's job.

And finally we reach the genuine article. What else would we expect from Nintendo than an extremely sturdy and light weight plastic. Accommodates the Wii remote perfectly, as to be expected and this time the B button feels absolutely solid. The only drawback that I've found is that there seems to be only one comfortable way to hold it. That includes the black clone of this wheel too, it's simply just the design.

I would suggest staying clear of the large wheel, as it feels cheap and personally it just seems to get in the way, rather than making the experience better. The small steering wheel is good for kids or adults with small to medium hands, but isn't really all that much fun either. I would highly recommend the official wheel and maybe, if you're on a budget and find it cheaper, the third party clones. The official wheel design just seems to make you feel like you're actually racing and it helps make the experience that little bit more fun. At first you will notice the difference between the genuine and the knock off, but once you're focused in on the game you may not notice at all.

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