Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nascar: Dirt to Daytona First Opinions Review

As a former fan of Nascar motor racing, I own a few Nascar games across a few different platforms. Even after I stopped enjoying the real Nascar, I still enjoyed it's video game counterpart. For a modern generation version of Nascar I was highly anticipating getting my hands on a copy of Nascar's career sim: Dirt to Daytona, and I believe this may be a case of don't meet your heroes.

The game was only released on 2 consoles, PS2 and Gamecube, I mostly wanted it for the Gamecube but the PS2 version fell into my hands first, so thats the one I'm playing. Quickly I've noticed the limitations of the PS2 version as the analog X button must be crammed down in such a way that my finger cramps and aches the whole time I'm racing. Everything else pretty much seems like the Nascar Heat game, which this was based off of.

Now I never claim to be Ayrton Senna when it comes to video game racing, but I do find it quite impossible for a car to be 3 seconds behind me and come blowing past me as if I'm standing still at 70+MPH. I'm not sure what this game's settings are at, but it seems to only apply to random cars as it never fails that one will manage to pass me as if I'm just not moving at all every race. With all that said, if I happen to find the Gamecube version this one is getting SOLD!

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