Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shipping shit list!

Its no secret that USPS, FedEX, UPS and practically anyone who destroys ships packages are pretty incompetent at their job. One time I ordered a cellphone and the tracking number indicated it was coming from Indianapolis, IN. Great! I live 30 minutes from Indianapolis, it should take no time to get here! WRONG! It literally took 5 days before that item moved and FedEX's excuse was... "other packages take priority over your's."

Really!? I can fucking drive up there and smack your dumb, incompetent ass across the face in 30 minutes (or less) and my package didn't move for 5 days because it wasn't prestigious enough? It doesn't stop there, USPS is just as guilty. When I sell on ebay I prefer to get the package to the people as quickly as possible, because I know how I agonize over where my package is when I purchase something. And that point is exactly why this very entry is being written!

On February 27th I won 2 auctions from ebay, the first of which claimed to ship that day and the other shipped today (March 1). The first is coming from Champaign, IL with an expected delivery window of 02/29/12 - 03/06/12, and the other is, apparently, coming from Akron, OH with an expected delivery window of 03/03/12 - 03/05/12. Lets keep in mind I live 30 minutes away from Indianapolis, where all packages come through to go to local post offices for delivery, which neither of these places are really all that far from.

As I'm writing this the first package hasn't showed up yet, 3 days from Champaign, IL to here? HAHAHAHAHA! The second package took them 3 days to even ship, which I expected due to the lapsed time it took them to reply to my emails, as well as it is stated in their auction "Orders are shipped within 3 business days", I guess they wait to the last minute. The first item didn't have a tracking number, but when I received the tracking number for the other auction today, I was shocked to see what it said.

As you can see above, the package was shipped on 1:25pm (March 1) and is expected to be delivered March 3. Well, lets take a look at the map here...

5 and a half hours away and they can't send that item out the same day it was shipped to arrive the next day? No! Why you may ask? Because that would constitute overnight shipping standards, for parcel post prices! OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Now if I ran a parcel service my policy would be to treat every single package as a hot potato, in the sense that you touch it as little as possible, otherwise leave it in a well protected area, and deliver it as quickly as you can! The less time the package is within our possession, the less liable we are for something bad happening to it! Does that make sense? No, I guess not!

I've heard the horror stories of people claiming insurance for a fucked up package and on the side of the company it would be easy to ease these headaches on both ends by simply limiting the time the given package is in your possession! But it seems their policy is the exact opposite, hold the package as long as possible and if we happen to break it deny, deny, deny! Then refuse to pay out the insurance someone clearly took the time to pay extra for, knowing full well you and your business are all complete and total fuck ups.

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