Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ah! The Temptations!

The desire to own things is essential within all humans, although it isn't a natural desire its more of a learned desire as we grow up. There are literally thousands, if not more, things I would love to own and I have to say that I've been greatly lucky to have obtained most of the things I currently have and I appreciate that luck. But there are a handful of things that I really, really want to own that I actively seek to obtain, although I've never seen or even touched them in my life.

First and most important on that list would be the NES top loader, it isn't that I NEED an NES top loader, I have a perfectly working NES as well as a modded backup. So it isn't something I absolutely can't live without, its just something that I would go completely and utterly insane to find at a great price. Other things include NES and SNES video games, again things that I don't NEED but they sure would be awesome to own. I know that somewhere out there these things have my name figuratively written on them, its all a matter of when I will find them.

I'm upset to see others obtain things I want, although I do live a vicarious joy through their happiness. But when they act callous toward a bounty sprawled out before them I feel contempt toward their ignorance. I think we should all be so lucky to have things given to us or be so fortunate to be able to obtain such things by all means, and to act as if it were more trouble than it truly was shows me that person shouldn't have gotten those things in the first place.

I spend a large amount of time on youtube, mostly searching through pick up or other video game related videos. Sometimes I come across stories that make me jealous but I'm happy for that person, while other times I watch videos that boil my blood to a vapor. Some of the most spiteful, hateful and ungrateful pricks get the coolest stuff and it just makes no sense as to why a person who leads a simple life and stays to himself gets fucked on a daily basis while people who just couldn't give a shit less are thrown shit at their very feet.

Without pointing fingers directly at anyone I'll give a general, beat around the bush, description of what the video was about. So this person finds a box of video game items sitting outside next to someone's garbage and takes it home, upon opening it the person seems completely ungrateful throughout the rest of the video, scrutinizing everything as they pull it from the box. Mind you everything was FREE to this person, regardless of whether they already had any of this stuff or not, its still free and should be greatly appreciated!

By the end of the video I wanted to crawl through my monitor and just beat the living fucking shit out of this prick, but I can't and it would just be a waste of time even if I could. Like I said I've found some great stuff and I feel extremely lucky to find the things that I've bought, I say bought because I have rarely found anything for free. That isn't to say I haven't found anything for free, I have, its just the fact that I put everything into my collection and end up forgetting what I've paid for anything.

I would love, LOOOOOOOVE to find a box of the things this person found, and I too would make a youtube video in which I didn't sound like an ungrateful prick as I pulled everything out of the box with a sour look on my face. Even if it were all things I already own, every single piece were something I already owned, I would want to pay it forward to those who aren't as fortunate as myself so that they can have cool things as well. Sure I would probably sell things to make a little profit to support the game hunting habit, but I sure wouldn't be ungrateful to have found them.

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