Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kyser Demo Capo

The Goodwill outlet store has been good to me, but perhaps the most interesting find to date has to be this neon green Kyser Capo. Inscribed on it is "Kyser DEMO ONLY NOT FOR SALE". After a bit of internet sleuthing I have yet to find another in this color, or anything similar.
I already own a capo that I almost never use, but when I saw this I figured the color and the fact that it was guitar related warranted me to pick it up and buy it. It is missing the string rubber, which doesn't prevent it from doing it's job, but even so I still had to own it. After testing it on a few guitars and finding that it still works I've become a bit concerns about the strings scratching off paint from where the rubber should be, so I probably won't use this one all that much either.
Perhaps this is a NAMM promotional item? A custom order? So many options, the origins of which I do not know. I've fired off an email to Kyser to see if they can help me figure it out. Hopefully I'll find out something interesting about it, after all, they don't engrave DEMO ONLY NOT FOR SALE on production models.


  1. Did you ever figure it out? If not I can explain it. The model was given to music stores so that they could demo the capo without having to pop sale models in and out of the plastic packaging. The color was only done for the demo models. I have one. I used to work at a store that received the kermit-green capo and took it with me when the store went out of business.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I actually called Kyser and they put it on their Facebook page way back when. I forget his name, but he asked the person in charge how many were made in that color and she said it was for NAMM as far as she could remember. Either way it's a really cool piece to own.