Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nintendo DS Projects

Within a week or two I happened to find not one, but two Nintendo DS systems at the Goodwill Outlet store. The first one was an original Nintendo DS and the second was a Nintendo DS Lite. Obviously since I found them that means they were left behind by other treasure hunters for one reason or another.

Regardless of others being scared to pick them up and give them a good home, I am someone who is never afraid to bring something home, especially for 79 cents a pound!, and give it a good repair. Both systems were broken at the hinges, ripping the top screen cable, as well as suffering from blown fuses. After some research it seems the latter of which is a frighteningly common issue with the first two inceptions of the DS line.

Since I didn't own a Nintendo DS I wasn't afraid to pick them up knowing very well I would have to pay a little bit to order parts and repair them. But this also gives me a chance to customize them to be my own, by ordering completely new plastic housings. I'm not exactly sure what housing I will be getting for each just yet, but I'm toying with the idea of a red DS Lite and a black DS.

As you can see these things have had rough lives thus far, but I hope that I can get the frustratingly small fuses replaced, keep them from blowing again and get both systems running proudly once more. As a matter of fact, the Goodwill outlet has even yielded some games to play on the DS, although nothing I'm dying to get to play. But even so, I am seriously anxious to get these DS systems back to working order.

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