Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Birthday Week Finds!

After sitting in the house for over a year, thanks to the lovely anxiety disorder, I happened to venture out and finally pick up some stuff. Although they may not be very exciting items to some, they are for me! There are a handful of items I truly wish I hadn't passed up, but that's the way hunting goes, sadly. So, without further ado I present to you my meager, yet very exciting finds!

First up is a Game Boy Color game that I found at Goodwill for $4. Not only is it complete, not only does the cartridge show very little signs of any usage, but it's also European! Again, maybe not a very exciting detail for most people but for me I'm very excited to have a European GBC game. Lucky for me Nintendo never made handhelds region locked, so I can play this game, if I really wanted to.

Next up is a guilty pleasure! I already own a handful of these things, yet if I find a color I don't already have I still have to pick it up. I had found a trashed out charcoal Super Joy at the outlet store years ago, which I picked up anyway to use for parts. It was my birthday and it was only $4, how could I say no?

Next is a game that I already had loose, but this was so cheap (75 cents) at the flea market, I had to pick it up just to own it complete. Deathtrap Dungeon is an early Playstation RPG that interested me when I first played it. It felt, to me, like a poor man's Elder Scrolls.

Last, but certainly not least, I picked up a Player's Edge Game Boy cleaning kit! Yes, I fear I have a problem with cleaning kits. If you saw my collection you would agree with me. Although these really serve no practical purpose, because I've found far better methods to keep my games and consoles clean, I still find myself throwing cash at old cleaning kits. The story behind this is that I found it for 99 cents at Salvation Army. The manager was the only person trained to run the register, but he was in his office "talking to corporate", resulting in a few minutes in line waiting. As a result, the manager gave us all a discount, and I only paid 33 cents.

Picking up these things really gave me a boost to get out and keep hunting! This weekend comes the half off sales at Goodwill. I'm hoping I can go back and pick up a few of the things I didn't get last week.

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