Saturday, April 4, 2015

Weekend pick ups!

Today Goodwill had their monthly 50% off sale and I decided to get out and try to find a few things I'd passed up on my birthday week. Sadly I only went to one of the two stores I was wanting to go to, but I did indeed pick up what I had passed up a few weeks ago! The other store had a weird Sega Genesis controller I'd never seen before, but I'll just have to make an excuse to go there and see if it's 50% off (or still there) some other time. Today I happened to pick up three things, not much but still better than not picking up anything at all!

First up I bought something on impulse. I'm not a huge fan of strategy guides, to be honest, but I do find them interesting to thumb through for the artwork. Sometimes they can be helpful but for the most part a simple FAQ/Walkthrough online helps me out when I need it. Since this was only 50 cents, and one of my favorite games, I decided to go ahead and pick it up anyway.

Fable Strategy Guide - $.50

Next up is a rather interesting chance encounter. I was looking around the glassware shelves when I came across this little guy sitting there all by his lonesome. I hoped there would be more but this was the only one I could find. I knew this was worth well more than even full price, but half price is always better!

Fire Emblem GBA - $.50

And finally an item I originally saw on my birthday and decided to pass it up, but quickly kicked myself for doing so. I've had an Intec rechargeable battery pack for years, which can be recharged via cable or through the charging dock, but I could never find the charging dock until this one. It's pink, but I've actually been looking for the transparent pink GBA variant to add to my collection anyway. Regardless I think the half off price was worth paying, since it does work.

Intec Power Station - $2.50

Oddly enough I found the matching battery pack for the Power Station at another Goodwill store, but the latch was broken and even at 50% off I just couldn't use it. The battery I do have is indigo, but it still charged in the base the exact same. Overall I wish I had found more, but I walked away spending about $4 total for all three items and I had a good day outside of my room.

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