Sunday, December 4, 2011

Whats in a dream?

We've all had those dreams, the ones where no matter how long ago we may have had them, they're still as clear as the day we awoke from them. I have a handful of those dreams, most of which are merely a combination of chemicals recessed within my memory awaiting me to recall it for some unknown reason.

One dream has me walking into a lone, tiny pawn store on a hill and falling in love with a bass guitar, which had obviously been set ablaze and setup to be playable. Another involved walking through an abandoned basement video game store, with the only source of light coming from the basement windows, and sifting through tons of dust covered bins and glass display cases. But as vivid as these dreams are, they don't compare to the one that haunts me the most out of all of them.

It was a sunny, clear day in what I assumed to be some kind of an old 1930s district of Chicago. All the buildings were brick and abandoned. One building in particular caught my attention, and something within myself told me that a Nintendo NES top loader was inside.

The inside of the building looked as though it was an old hardware store. The building was tall and narrow, the walls were brick and there were some broken wooden stairs, as well as broken glass everywhere. The standard dust and cobwebs were present too.

Even though I had this dream the better side of 8 years ago, this dream is still as vivid as ever. I still remember feeling the cool weather, the sun at my back and smelling the dust rustled up from searching through the abandoned building. I never found anything inside, and much like this dream I have yet to find a Nintendo top loader.

Is it a sign that I will find one within a brick building? Will I find a good deal on one from Chicago, or will I find one abandoned for free? What this dream means is anyone's guess, but I know that I will eventually find one, no matter where I have to find it.