Saturday, January 14, 2012

Let me reiterate...

It never ceases to amaze me how life will take things out of my hands to give me a better deal. I had decided to treat myself to a rare holiday gift and finally own a piece of video gaming history I had wanted for a long time, a Sega Master System. As an avid thrift store hunter I had always hoped I would run across the system and some controllers, or anything from the Master System, and I never did.

I took to ebay to see if I could get a lot with some games, as the only other options were Disc Replay ($50 system alone) or a local indoor flea market, which had a Sega Master System sitting in there since July ($40 or $45 for the system), so if I ran out of options that would be the way to go. After losing 4 auctions I decided I would just go ahead and buy the one sitting in the flea market, but when I went down there to get it... it was gone! That thing had sat in the case for nearly 6 months and now it was gone? Wow!

Back to ebay I went, watching auction after auction exceed the limits of what I was willing to spend. One day I noticed a local listing, so I shot the person an email and asked if they were willing to sell it outside of ebay, after agreeing on a price we setup a meeting. That day was filled with anxiety and excitement as I was within hours of collecting my Sega Master System, taking it home and playing it.

The thing is, I was willing to spend $40 on the system, hookups and controllers, and when life took that option away I spent $20 more and got 10 games, one of which lists for the extra cash I ended up spending on the whole lot anyway. Everything looked as if they were only played on rare occasions, the games were all complete in the hard cases and the only real issue was one controller's cord is a little worse for wear. Had I bought the system alone, I would never have found the games for $20, hell I have a hard enough time finding Sega Master System games period.

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