Sunday, November 29, 2015

My Thanksgiving Scores

This past week was absolutely amazing. With the company of my girlfriend I got out and hit the thrift stores, flea markets and a few other places. To be honest I was surprised at how many video games I was able to find in all the places we went, most of them were sports titles but at least they had something. Nestled away between the sports titles, empty cases and the overpriced riffraff I found the occasional game worth spending a few dollars on, as well as I finally found a few games I had been wanting from Gamestop.

The adventure started on a snowy Saturday, where I found a complete copy of Duke Nukem Forever for Xbox 360. Sure I've heard bad things about this game, but it was only $3, it was complete and it was at Goodwill, so I felt it was a pretty good deal overall. Not the greatest, but not something I could have walked away from.

On another day we stopped by a local Gamestop and I had a strangely great experience. I bought two cheap 99 cent games from Gamestop: WWII Aces and Wii Play, nothing special but they were games I've been wanting to pick up for a while now. The cases were mint, the manuals were completely in tact and the discs look as if they've never been played, perhaps rightfully so, but regardless this is the first time Gamestop hadn't tried to shove me out the door with grime covered discs and/or a broken case without the manual.

Finally came Black Friday, which had two meanings. Firstly it was the sales event of the year, yet it was also Black Friday because it was the final day of my girlfriend's visit. I'll save the best for last, but my actual final pickup came from another Goodwill, where I found a mint copy of Wii Fit for $3. This isn't a mind blowing score but this is a game I've been wanting to find, because I've actually been debating picking up a Wii balance board from Goodwill on their 50% off sales.

And finally, the best for last was a pick up I couldn't pass up! I've been wanting this for years and have watched the prices fluctuate on the used copies and I finally decided that $20 for a brand new copy of  Grand Theft Auto 5 for Xbox 360 would be the reason I finally own it. I've made it well known that I love the GTA series and besides the handheld versions I now own all of the console version of GTA. Even though my Xbox 360 is dead, I feel $20 for a sealed copy to have when I finally do get a working 360 is better than $30 for a used one, especially since this was a Gamestop sale.

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